pivot works sucks

I bought a fork rebuild kit from Pivot Works for my '04 WR450F. The package specifically listed my bike on the front. I cleaned and tore apart a fork. Took off the old dust seal, oil seal, inner and outer bushings. I put on the new ones and found that the seals were right, but the bushings were both way too big. They were not even close, like 2mm different. I had to reuse the old ones. Tomorrow I am going to contact PW and see what they say. I am hoping they send me a whole new kit without my having to send back the wrong ones. If they ask for the seals, I already put them on the forks.

Anyone else have problems with PW? Are they normally crap, or is this an isolated incident?


they may have gotten the 48's mixed up with the 46's? i have heard good things about their products and just recently installed the front wheel bearing kit,no prob's. i'd say just one of those things,i would imagine they'll take care of you :thumbsup:

I have used both wheel bearing kits, swing arm kit, and linkage kit from PW, and everything was great.

I have been using Pivot Works products for over 7 years and always thought of them as a high quality parts provider. They were much better than stock on the old '98 YZ 400's and it's one year bad design swing arms assemblies. I have heard of some confusion as the '06 WR's received the healthy 48mm forks. I would consider this an isolated event due to having ordered over 30 sets of bearings and fork re-build kits. :thumbsup:

I have had real good luck with pivot works. I bet they packaged the wrong bushings. Let us know how it turns out.

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