FYI 2006 450 Bent Sub Frame

I bent my sub frame during a Race. It was 2-3" out of whack. So I called A/C Racing to purchase a new aftermarket sub-frame. They said that they have not started manufacturing for 2006 yet. So the person on the phone tells me how to temporary fix the problem. He says, take an old wooded BB bat and give it a few WHACKS!!!!

After 4-5 WHACKS!!!! she falls right back square, even my upper subframe bolt that was bent straightens out.

I just might not need a new sub-frame................. :thumbsup:

Thanks A/C Racing!!!!!!!!!!!!! :thumbsup:

Please replace the bolt that was bent and then straightened. Also try to find someone besides AC to supply a subframe, poor quality and fit in the past, could have changed now but doubtful.

Sounds like you have a magic bat.

Dude i just straightened mine on the 03 and damn dude it took more than that to move mine back lol...i only had to go over about an inch too!!! :thumbsup:

That's incredible. The ones I've tried to straighten never came even close and took a helluva lot more work. If nothing else you probably would feel better after beating it with a bat. Was the bat corked?

the guy told me to us a BB bat.................

I had no bat, a 10' lenght 2" x 4" took the place of the bat..........I only knocked my bike off the stand on the 4th swing..........LOL

I did fabricate my results a little (too shorten up the story), I worked with a small handle sledge and block of lumber for about an two hours (didn't want to hurt her, still new)......put the bike together, still off about 1/2" - 3/4", I thought WT Hell, than I gave her 4 MAJOR Whacks with the 2" x 4", that straighten her right up.......much quicker also............

I had an AC racing subframe on my 04 yz250f.It was definally not the quality of the stock one.But not the price of the stock one either.I was pretty dissappointed with it.

I have a 12 pound lead mallet I use for such things as that. It is, shall we say, "very convincing" while also reducing the likelihood of denting or marring most surfaces.

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