Starting the 650R with an edelbrock.

I was wondering if other bikes have the same characteristics as mine when cold starting. I have a Hotcams stage 1, Kibblewhite valve springs and the Edelbrock.

When I start it cold, it fires up then stalls. Even if I keep squirting the throttle.

I then start it again and it stalls. By the 3rd or 4th time it keeps running while keeping the rpm up.

Before the mods, I could keep it running with the idle turned up while reducing it as it warmed up.

Without a choke, I can't keep it running when cold. Do you have this problem or is it just a characteristic I need to live with?

jetted too lean?

have you used the enrichener? (I think thats what its called)

What enrichener? I don't think it has anything. I will go check.

I don't have an enrichener but I just pulled the blug after letting it idle for a couple of minutes and the plug was white. I think I will start by correcting that problem.

I guess I'll have to go read the book for my Edelbrock again, but I could have swore they have an "enrichener" on them to act as a psuedo choke.

And it sounds like richening it up a bit just might help :thumbsup:

The book has instructions and a diagram of the enrichener but the carb I have doesn't have one. I turned the needle to 13 clicks from full rich. I'll see if it helps.

Some of the Edelbrocks do not have a enrichener....

I just turn my idle about 1 to 1 1/2 turns higher and crack the throttle 3 or 4 times, Always starts first or second kick..... :thumbsup:

Mine does almost the same thing. If I don't keep the idle up it will die. I thought it was just normal for the carb. Now I'll have to check it out.

Thanks for giving my bike a problem I didn't know I had. :thumbsup:

Without a choke I don't think any motor will idle when cold. But now that I turned the needle to 13 clicks(richer) it started 1st kick and didn't stall. Also, there was some white color on my sparkplug. So hopefully this problem is solved. I still have more tuning to do.

Thanks everyone.

Any chance you could get a diagram or picture of the carb showing exactly what needle you turned? I have an XR400 that I just bought with an Edelbrock carb, it does the exact same thing.

I don't have a diagram but it is pretty simple. It's the adjustment directly on top of the carb where the slide runs up and down. That's where the needle is. By turning the throttle to wide open, the slide goes up. While it's in the wide open position, you turn the dial or screw or whatever your bike has there and it catches the needle and adjusts it richer or leaner by raising or lowering it.

The bike is strting right everytime now. All it needed was a little more fuel like some of you said. Cool

I think I will need to do the extra click to set mine to richer as well. I hear some popping when engine braking, plus the bike sometimes just dies when coming to a full stop. Starting issues are very similar to what was described here.

Additional question - what's a good idle rpm setting? I know the stock bike doesn't have a tach, but I have one on it and just based on my best guess, I think idle around 1300rpm is as low as I want to go without risking more sudden engine stops. I suppose things will change if I set the bike a little richer.


how does the xr400 perform with the edelbrock? enquiring minds want to know...

If you got the little red knob (tool) with your 400 carb. like I did you installed it right on top of the carburetor. When you hold the throttle wide open the tool contacts the top of the needle for adjustment purposes it clicks every 1/4 turn. If you did not get this tool you will need to remove the plug , turn the carb in the boots and adjust it with a flat blade screwdriver then replace the plug and return the carb to its operating position. The Quicksilver works awesome on my XR440. Woke it right up.

for those of you (like myself) that bought a used bike with the Edelbrock minus the red adjustment screw, call Edelbrock. they shipped me one for free.. they rule. :thumbsup:

Last winter (northeastern PA = 15 degrees) my QS-equipped R did the same thing. Hint: now, when it is 75-90F I use 3 half-turns on the idle adjust and 3 full twists on the throttle. Starts and RUNS on first kick 90% of the time. So, crank in more turns on the idle-adjust. Worst case; it idles high and you have to turn the adjuster down after it starts. No big deal. Try it.

Ride safe.

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