After Market Exhaust

I saw a tunable Jetson Slipon for a XR600 which will fit a XR650L on ebay for $79.00 brand new the item # was 4617323530 if anyone was interested. Dont know anything about it but it does look better than the big black monster.

personally i use a white bros e series, but iv had friends who had great luck with t-4 race exhausts, or big guns, go with what you like.

I bought one.......not for $79 though !!

Decent can for the money......tuneable, not a bad pack.

I bought one.......not for $79 though !!

Decent can for the money......tuneable, not a bad pack.

did ya pay more or less?

I paid $120 shipped, but it took forever to get it !! The E-bay seller is in Florida and speaks a little package got "LOST" ....I made him ship me another one !!!

I just found your posting. I had bid on a Jetson Race exhaust system from a Florida supplier on EBay and won. The first note indicated it was lost in shipping. Then it was a problem with the supplier. He finally said he would retract the auction and let me know when his problem with the supplier was solved and then send me the item. I've been wondering if this is just a song and dance because the bid was low and he didn't want to sell it a a low price. When I saw you had a bit of a problem, it seemed similar to mine. Have you heard any good or bad things about this product or the supplier? I can't find any info on the "Jetson Race" band with any internet searches that I've tried. It doesn't seem to exist except with this FL dealer. Any thoughts or suggestion would be appreciated.


Anyone ever get a titanium one? Thought they might be a little more dent resistant.

I see there's a new model on eBay that's not superrtrapp type. It's still super cheap. Stainless steel.

Any Experiences? I saw one of the old styles on a KLR, it didn't seem any better worse than my Big Gun P.O.S.

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