Buying an XR650R

I'm thinking on buying an XR650R but have a few questions about them.

Are they all about the same from 2000 on? :thumbsup:

Should I be looking for a modified bike or a stocker with low miles that I need to mod my self? :thumbsup:

I have a WAY wrecked 94 600R now that I am going to rebuild and let my son ride.(after I gear it down of course)

But I am realy leaning to the 650 R for myself.

I do mostly desert riding east of Phoenix down by the coke ovens and up around Superior though I would like to get into bigger desert races mostly to see if I can finish than anything else.

Any advice in looking for the great BRP ® would Be appreciated. :bonk:



The 2000 and 2001 models have a clutch bushing that can seize. Newer models have the updated part. It's cheap (like less than $30) and easy to fix on the older models though. Other than that they are all the same except for graphics. Any year bike in good condition at the right price is a great buy.

Like he said 00 & 01 had different clutch bushings and countershaft seals, once those are updated, they are all the same. I see you live in AZ, I just happen to have a clean 1 owner '01 for sale. e-mail me @, and I'll fill you in on all you need to know about the BRP. :thumbsup: I live in Casa Grande and ride out there sometimes, you definitely can't beat that bike out there.

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