Decel to idle question

Ok, It a new 06 WR450.

Free mods completed, runs very well except for bog if throttle is blipped. I'll be working on the jetting this wek.

The question : When I let off the throttle and coast in gear into a turn or gear down hill the engine runs at what I can only describe as high idle. If I pull the clutch it'll rundown to the RPM I set as idle wit the adjustment.

I'm not sure it this is normal with the ACV as shipped and AIS still installed but I don't really like it. I'd prefer to have the engine compression help slow me down.

Has anyone else experienced this?


I'd get the jetting dialed before worrying about the idle issue, it might just go away when you get it set up. The idle is pretty high on these engines anyway. (1900)

You were right, after jetting adjustments and AIS removal the 'problem' is gone.


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