Race day!! xr650r cr500 yz426f

Next time... Do a race to 95 mph and stay at that speed for 10 hours and then.... stay at that speed for another 10 hours.

Funny you should say that, I'm rolling a jibber right now.

That explains it all :excuseme:

Funny you should say that, I'm rolling a jibber right now.

Why is it you and Bryan Bosch share the same IP address? Weird. :excuseme:

I'm surprised that a 500 smoker cant beat the R....but then again, 500's are so light, off the line on pavement you cant use most of the power...that and the smoker powerband doesn't give good constant acceleration on pavement.

Have you ever heard of the expression "area under the curver", a 650R makes slightly less HP but it makes it over a broader range. My 650R will out accelerate my KX500 in the dirt, it comes out of the hole so much harder it is not even funny, on the street they wouldbe close, from a 45mph ish rollon the KX500 would pull away though.

The first rules of tactics and strategy is to never underestimate the enemy. That being said give the XR650L a break, it is still a large displacement motor geared more for street use and has has much bark uncorked, In short it ain't slow by a long shot.

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