GOING TO MOAB!! any advice to give???

Any simple advice to give to a first-time moab rider?

THings to look out for? Things to visit? Specifics to bring?

When are you going? I'm going for the first time in June. I have the same questions.


Done MOAB twice and june gets kinda warm, Camelbaks are a must-GPS is nice but not necessary. I got good maps at the visitors center in middle of town. Tires wear fast so bring a spare or 2 at least a rear. We rode 10 days and I balded a freshy and 1/2 wore a second rear and the front was smoked too. Good skidplate w/case saver wings a must-lots of sneaky rocks around. Some days sounded like I was skating not riding. GRRRRRRINNNNNNNDDDDD.

Very little parts in Moab and rental places scam you but heard good things about guided tours. We never did but who knows what we missed? The fun slickrock you have to pay to get into but it's worth it. Big fuel tank's and plates make life a lot easier but you can do without. Full moto bikes get hairy on technical trails but its doable. I rode a DRZ ald changed sprockets for low speed cruisin.

camping gear, water, gps, skid plates and guts. the traction is amazing. get a map of the trails and ask around about the trail conditions. GREAT place to ride. extra fuel is a good thing on some of the longer trails.

cool, thanks guys!! i think im covered. we have some 06 bikes in the group, so ill have more gas than they will...and my skid plate and proctection are up to par. Most of us have gotten our midland radios and helmet headsets all prepped for the trip, so we will put those through their paces, and see how they do.

i leave tomorrow morning. Going with a group of 9 or so...most of them have been numerous times...so im just gonna be following the leader. Ill take lots of pics and report back if i survive!!

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