Which year?

I was wondering if there is any major difference between an 04, 05, or 06. I have a chance to buy an 04 that is already upgraded with mods but are the 05 or 06 that much better? I mean are they all about the same speed, handling the same? Should I buy the 04 or would it be better to look for an 05 or 06. Also is an 04 green sticker legal? Any help will be appreciated.

Personally I think the 03-04 Wr's were the best years. Way less emissions, larger fuel tanks. The only differences with the 05-06 WR is emissions crap, smaller gas tanks, lower center of gravity, suspension, some cosmetic differences, etc. I think the 03-04's have just as much power if not more then the new ones, so they are close to the same "speed". Handling might be a little better on the newer ones though. I don't know if the 04 is green sticker legal for sure.

The 04 is not green sticker legal. Of all the years mentioned you want the 2006. The 2005 is nearly identical to the 2006 with the exception of the enduro computer and adjustible top triple clamp. All three excellent bikes, the 05 and 06 need more uncorking

Get the 06, you'll get more for it when you sell it.

And also pay about $2500 more to begin with when you buy it. :thumbsup:

I'm not in California, so not an issue I am knowledgeable about from personal experience, but I thought it was posted in here before that 2004 and newer were green sticker-able?

Bottom line for all Californian's is the green sticker issue.

The 05 is a green sticker, the 04 is not.

If you want to ride it "legally" you have to go with the 05 and not even consider the 04.

The green sticker issue has a big impact on what we buy. I am assumuning that since you are looking for a wr, you are going to ride on the trails more than the track.

Get the 06, you'll get more for it when you sell it.

It's got the best suspension too....... plus it is new!

We'll I think I'm going to get an 06. Mainly because I will know what I'm getting. Thanks for all your help.

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