Fuel Screw Missing!!!???

I have a 05 WR-450 that has never idled properly. I haven't worried about it too much in the past as I have been slowly doing all the usual modifications that we all do to the bikes, and then I figured that I would adjust the idle after they were all done. Well the last part of my modifications were done today with the JD jet kit and when I went to look for my fuel screw, all I saw was a tiny hole inside the hole where the fuel screw was suppose to be. After searching a few threads to see whats up with that....... I now realize that I too am a victim of the missing fuel screw. :thumbsup: (No aluminum plug either) My question is, Where is the o-ring that normally secures and seals the fuel screw on this type of carburetor? Is it on the screw itself, or does it seat inside the fuel screw hole? I am now planning on getting the Zip-Ty fuel screw and wonder if it comes with the o-ring, or do I need to get one. Or does it even have one? Any help/advice would be appreciated. :thumbsup:

The o-ring is on the screw itself. The zip-ty fuel screw doesn't come with an o-ring. Theres also a spring that is on the original screw that will need to be used with the zip-ty as well. So you must use the original o-ring and spring with a zip-ty fuel screw.

Join the club, bro. My Zip-Ty fuel screw fell out on the second ride after I installed it.

I'm a little confused with your situation, the 05 WR450 doesn't have an external fuel screw. It's inside the carb and it's covered by a small plastic cover. This plastic cover needs to be drilled or picked out, it's in there pretty tight. Is this what fell out?


Zip-Ty fuel screw has a crap O-ring, mine fell off after Dyno.

Timo Mc

I believe the Zipty screw does not come with any of the other parts. There is an oring, a washer and a spring. Do not put it together without the washer between the oring and the spring or you will destroy the oring. Also stretch the spring a bit to give more tension on the screw. That will help keep the Zipty screw from falling out. The bad news is that I don't think you can buy the spring, washer and oring seperately from Yamaha (you have to buy the whole assembly with the stock screw). I think Sudco (www.sudco.com) sells them seperately.

From what I have heard, the cover for the internal screw is aluminum. That is missing also. I had a clear view of the hole when I put the JD kit on and all I saw was a small orifice about 2 inches up in the carb, assuming this is where the the fuel screw would control the idle fuel mixture if anything like any other carburetor I have worked on. Thanks for all the help and keep it coming, I'll figure out what to do in a few days with all the help from the forum.

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