street legal xr500?

i know this is for 600/650 but theres no forum for the 500 so i was just wondering if anyone has been able to get their xr500 street legal in washington state? or anywhere for that matter, and also what does it take to get that way? I just picked up a 83 xr500 and i am hoping to be able to ride it to the trails. just wanted to know if anyone has any information on this. thanks

For mechanical questions, it's either this forum or the vintage one. Your bikes engine is pretty much the same as the early XR600, just with a smaller piston. Honda changed the basic design in 83 to RFVC.

As far as getting the bike street licensed, it's the same as any other bike. Nothing special because it's old. I'm not in Washington so I can't tell you what you need to do. Just guessing here , but you will need a dual sport kit. They have blinkers, street headlight, horn, and a brake light. If you don't get an answer here, try the "dual sport/adventure" forum.

I was looking at one in Arizona that was street legal, but bought a XR650R instead. In Arizona it takes the same things as the 650. Look up your laws. Most states are different. Arizona is very leniant. No need for dualsport kit. We don't have to have turn signals just Lights brake lights mirror and horn. Cost me about 80$ :thumbsup:

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