Header guard on a budget

Thought I'd pass on an idea that is working well on my bike. The problem everyone has after putting on a new header (FMF power bomb for me) is the lack of heat shield/guard.

The after market version are kinda spendy for me and I saw a couple fab ideas but as I was at Home Depot (my favorite place) it donned on me that the stock one might work...

Turns out, you can bend it to fit the new header easily and with a few large flat top bolts, washers, nuts (for stand off) and 2 or 3 hose clamps you are in business.

I've been running mine for a month or so and even have a desert race on it without any problems.

See ya on the trail or in the sand

sounds cool! post a pic if you can.

Have you considered wrapping your header instead of using a guard? look for the threads, you might like it.

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