New Wheels

Can You Tell Me If Its Worth The Price To Get Excel Rims Already To Go, Or Buy The Parts Individually? Spokes Hubs Etc..? :thumbsup:

It all depends what you want... If you don't need hubs then just go order some new rims and spokes... Lace them yourself.

I just noticed at my local dealer that Yamaha now sells Excel wheel sets using Yamaha hubs and parts... This is new for them. I want to say that the rear wheel was $500 retail... That might sound like a lot but it is complete, rim,spokes,hub,rotor and bearings, all assembled.... When you add it up part by part it gets expensive..

I build wheels for racers and friends. You have a lot of options, and to have fun too. There is some bithin products out there now that can add performance. They look sick too! PM if you want to. I tell you all about it.


Hey I don't no if this will help you but I didn't want to spend all that money on rims and hubs and spokes so i simply had my stock rims anodized black. Turned out really nice. I also used my stock hubs and spokes. The overall appearance looks really nice. I was wanting to use some thicker spokes but the place i had them anodized suggested using my stock spokes. Once they laced them and trued them up I have to admitt i'm glad I used my stock hubs and rims cause they look damn nice. Everything out the door for anodizing the rims lacing and truing the wheels was 200 dollars. I simply had a hard time trying to swallow the price of new rims, hubs and spokes.

check E bay , maybe some ones selling stock pieces. My 03 wr 450 came with excel rims.I think it would be trick looking and different to have them anodized like the GP riders in Europe do as it turns them kind of a dark gray.

I looked into the very same thing. What I found was if you can lace and true yourself, buy the parts and assemble. If you have to pay the dealership or shop to do it, buy the pre-built ones. There are some good deals out there if you look hard enough. I found a buddy that would lace mine for a 12 pack of beer, so I ordered the rims (got both in blue for $160.00/new) and had my buddy use my stock hubs and spokes. Worked out good for me. :thumbsup:

Were Did You Get Them Done?

What is a good website to order aftermarket hubs or complete rim/hub/spoke assembled? Looking to get a set of s\paddles for dune riding.

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