Is there a GYTR insert for 06 WR450?

Is there a GYTR insert for 06 WR450? :thumbsup:

Everyone talks about them but I can't locate one on Yamaha's performance pages?


I don't know if Yamaha makes one but ProMoto Billet makes a dandy. It is much better than the stock pea shooter but still quiet enough to pass most sound tests. $59.95 plus shipping is not a whole lot to spend for performance.


^^ what Jim said ^^

The "Accessories" tab on Yamaha's WR450 web site shows an insert, but when you read the description it states that it is for 2004-2005. It has been reported on here several times that it does NOT fit the 2006 WR. (still, that didn't stop the less-than-expert kids at my dealer from selling me one, before I read up about them here). :thumbsup:

ProMoto insert on order !!

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