Am I doing damage

Hi All,

Once again in my infinite wisdom I did my impression of the flying canonball over the handlebars. Once the embarrament had subsided, I looked over the bike and noticed I had damaged the header pipe.

I have fixed the dent in the headerpipe as per the forums instructions (thanks to all the posts on removing dents). However, I me thinks the pipe actually bent as well. I installed the GYT-R muffler and have noticed that it touches the frame (Blue vertical bar). If I move the entire exhaust and re-bolt it, it still touches the frame. I have ridden like this for a couple of weeks and other than the bar getting hot, nothing else seems wrong.

Your advice please.


Nurooi :thumbsup:

replace it with a SS aftermarket header. The stock Titanium unit will only get worse as it heat cycle fatigues. :thumbsup: I went thru 4 of them so I know they only last about 30 weekends before a pebble can ding them in! :thumbsup:

Hi Indy,

Thanks for the reply. Any ideas of makes / models of the aftermarket headers. Where I am from they would not know what I am talking about so I will probably need to do a postal order.

Once again - thanks


You can order the YZ426 stock header which is SS but the heat shield is a different design and mount or you can get a powerbomb SS SX header from FMF. :thumbsup:

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