Looking for Leak Jet P/N 's

Does anyone know the Yamaha P/N's for leak jets # 0, 30 and 40?

This site has about everyother PN but I can't find the leak jets


OR is that what they are calling the AP jet?


I believe the answer to your question is yes, as the leak jet is related to the AP--but I have not looked at the site your posted about.

Do a search on the Jetting Forum and you'll find the answer for sure :thumbsup:

#0 & #30 do not exist, #35 is as low as they go. For a #0, you have to solder an existing jet closed. The following is a list of OEM leak jets and their p/n's...SC

4JT-1494F-01-00 .JET (#35) AP 1

4JT-1494F-03-00 .JET (#40) AP 1

4JT-1494F-05-00 .JET (#45) AP 1

4JT-1494F-07-00 .JET (#50) STD 1

4JT-1494F-09-00 .JET (#55) AP 1

4JT-1494F-11-00 .JET (#60) AP 1

4JT-1494F-15-00 .JET (#70) AP 1

4JT-1494F-19-00 .JET (#80) AP 1

4JT-1494F-23-00 .JET (#90) AP 1

4JT-1494F-27-00 .JET (#100) AP 1

Thanks Clark !

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