tic tic snap


As the guy on the Dodge Hemi commercial would say" That Cant be Good" :thumbsup: thats a tough break if you part it out let me know

As far as I can tell by looking through the hole the rod broke right under the piston and then what you see is what I got. This fall I overhauled the tranny,piston and top end. The rod looked great I guess it was the weakest link. I put about 1000 kms on it since overhaul with no problems. There was a race this winter that had a bunch of wide open straights. that might of helped the fatigue. Like I said I'll show and tell some of the pics when I crack er open.

Hey Robg

I may have some parts for you. I had a 430 bore kit installed in my 99 400 and the thinned cylinder casing cracked from the cold. I'm leaning towards getting a new WR rather than pumping more money into the 99. I may part it out, in case you're interested. Might take you a while to scrape the ice buildup off though.

yuk. ive been sneaking rides on my 99 while waiting for bits to rebuild it. no more i think, as i believe it may have suspect rod/pin issues.

that is the picture i live in fear of.

good luck with whatever action you take to get back in the saddle.

wow :lol::bonk::bonk: so nothing hit the engine casing i can see because the skid is intact but man that must of been scary when that thing went :eek::bonk::thumbsup::thumbsup::bonk::bonk::eek:

nope not as scary as it would have been 3 weeks ago when I had it geared (with a slight tail wind) to go 98.5 (gps) mph. This was at about 30 mph and like I said it went tic tic snap then real quiet except for all the other bikes going by. no rear wheel lock at all I hope the tranny is still good.

Rods don't just break like that at normal RPMs. I will be interested to see what you find when you take it apart. Keep us posted. We're a sadistic bunch. :thumbsup::thumbsup::bonk:

The small end of the rod was the weak link in the 98-99 motors.

2000 and newer have a beefier rod.

good luck on the nuke job.


now ya tell me. (just read it will save ya dough in the end)

exact same thing happened to me last fall. it cost me $1600 parts alone. the case is real expensive. I looked for quite a while for a good wr motor but could not find one. the only reason I rebuilt it was because I have so much in it already, and it has a CA street tag. If it did not have that licence I would have parted it out. It does run like an ape now though! Hard decision to rebuild or not. by the way I got all my parts from the TT store. saved some money

That's just nasty....

I've seen complete 426 motors here, ebay and on craigs list for under $1k

Good luck

Clearly an act of Terrorism....Good luck with your repairs.

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