A story of the crooked mechanic, my mom, and me

Eyes wide OPEN.

Years ago I took my XL600 to the honda dealer and in my youth & inexperience said to them 'prepare it for the "expertise"' which is a mechanical road worthiness test all vehicles must go through periodically. BIG DUMB ASS MOVE. They did the mechanicals OK but they charged me approx. 2 hours work + parts to change the FORK BOOTS which were slightly split in a couple of places. Total about 300$. Needless to say I went ballistic. They refused to even discuss. Being English mother tongue and not speaking MAD French (try speaking a foreign language when you are pissed!) it regressed into a lot of F&&&ing this & that and referring to *A*S*S*H*O*L*E* etc. I never went to them again during the 14 years I owned the bike. They lost a long term client and soured me towards Honda.

You live and learn.


The Missile

'99 WR400F

Airbox Lid - gone

Throttle Stop - shorty!

Plastics/Tank/Seat - One Industries

Street Legal


Since you sound like your the man when it comes to Fords could you email me a quick note so I can email you back or post your email address. I've got a '92 Ford Exploder that I actually love but have some questions and want to know your opinions on the auto AL4D that came in them. I'm looking to do what I can to extend the life of a tranny that seems to have a Rep of going south pretty early in it's life compared to others.





"What's that?"

"It's a Yellow 99' YZ400!!"

Originally posted by BajaGod:

...oil can henrys...

You should post which location tried to screw you so the rest of us can avoid them.

Thanks Dave for trying to explain the techs side. Another note, sometimes the service writers can not accurately explain what the tech describes and the info can get distorted confusing the customers. For example several new ford automatics do not have dipsticks for checking fluid level, you have to raise the car and pull a plug, some service writers think that it is a sealed unit because it has no dipstick. Alot of service problems stem from miscomunication. thanks mike

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