Video of Alberta trails.

Hey there... a few weeks back a couple of us blasted around the trails north and west of Calgary, Alberta. About 2/3's of the way down this page:

there's a link to a file called:

and it's a 3 min video of helmet cam footage. These are some of the trails that we will be riding on IF the Thumpertalk group meets in Calgary next year. The best way to view it is to right click on the file name and save the file to your own hard drive.


I can vouch for the quality of riding out at Waiporous. I have ridden there over a dozen times and still have not covered the immense system of trails. I have been royally lost there too on a few occasions!


OK, after a 2+ hour download on a T1 line, the file has been downloaded, but when I try to open it, QuickTime (4.1.2) just hangs! :)


99WR,WR timing,throttle stop removed,Uni filter,E-Series pipe,carbon air box,Pro Tapers,lights removed,YZ tank,13 tooth sprocket

After 17+ hours of downloading on a lame shared 56k modem (at work last night), it works!

I've been wanting a helmetcam for a long time and after seeing this video I'm going for it.

Scott, your downloaded file must be corrupt. I thought for sure mine would be after 17 hours. Try it again and Good luck. 2 hours aint bad...

damn. ok... well would you be comfy FTP-ing it from the site? I would be much faster. I allow for anonymous transfers until someone come in and causes grief that convention will stay. :)


17+ hours! well, sleeping through a d/l is a wonderful thing. and I'm glad it worked. I find that it's not very responsive on machines that don't have much of a video card. I have a box with a cheezy 2 meg card in it and it won't play at all. but my 32 meg unit at home smokes. :)

here's a link to where I picked my helmet cam up. If you mention my name I get discounts next time :D .. and yeah, now that I have 1, I want another so I can do a couple of views at the same time. :D




Thanks for the link. Here is another:

Your right - sleeping during a mega-download on a super slow modem connection is the only way! Calgary looks like a fun place to ride.


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Wow, the OC3 at work brought this puppy into play within about 12 minutes (went to get cofee, come back it's done :). Working for an Internet company has it's merits :D

Awesome video, keep them coming! The canadian adventure sounds tempting :D

I agree, the area is huge. I got semi-serious about the off-road riding thing this year and I rode 3 times in the Wiaprous area. (and a bunch more in other places) It was amazing with the variety of trials and the lack of other people IF you avoid the long weekends. There were times when I rode for an hour or 2 without seeing another group of people. I can't really think of a better venue for the WR.


OC3, eh? damn, that's a nice pipe. The server this file is sitting is on a cable modem AND it's streaming audio at the same time so it can get slow. 10 minutes is quite nice for a d/l time.

As for riding areas in Canada...

Well, there's lots of wide open unregulated area to be ridden in. In southern Alberta, the riding areas are limited to the eastern edge of the rockies, as the rest is public park-land or ranchland. This area is about 30 miles deep and hmmm 300+ miles long. It's criss-crossed with oil survey lines and forestry cut roads and offers a huge selection of terrain. You do have to have a licensed bike to ride here, but there's no enviro-patrol checking for 'green' stickers. There is the occasional "fish-cop' checking for registration though. Even my buds '88CR250 gets registered for off-road use ($35)with no hassle whatsoever.

IF you go one province east or west the regulations are .. if you own a dirt bike, you can't ride it on the public roads... other than's wide open. B.C has it's issue with being very mountainous.

It was surprising to have to licence my WR here in Alberta after being raised in Saskatchewan (one province east of here) where if you bought a dirt bike, you could ride pretty well anywhere... and with a $35 plate and bulb horn you could ride it on public roads as well. :D

When I read about you folks in the crowded, regulated, enviro-squashed southern states, I feel for ya. I think the guys in Austrailia are much like how we are... there are some advantages to a small population in a big country.

Right now I live in a city of 800k, there's a motocross track inside the city limits with 6 tracks to play on ($10 entry fee, 5 min from my house) and the Rocky Mountain foothills are only 20 minutes west. Some call it paradise.. but on the downside it's all snowed-in and frozen now and pretty well un-ridable until march-ish. damn... :)

so..probably no new WR video's until march... Unless I go race in a local 24hr endurance ice-race, and if that happens, footage is guaranteed.


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