Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Don't be stupid like me!

I have been working on a Hare Scrambles track for my kids Honda Z50 Minitrail. I finished up with the second and final loop today. I took my Thumper out to cut in the lines for them. I couldn't find my helmet, so I thought I'll just go slow. I went around once, then turned around to go in reverse direction.

For those of you who have never been to NH, they call it the granite state for a reason. I think the granite is concentrated on my property.

I had to ride over a clump of dead tree parts. Over the clump and into a hole. The bike came to an abrupt halt. Since my bodies momentum didn't stop, I went over the bars, directly into the rock pile. I racked my head pretty bad, with the gouges/road rash measuring 3 inches long X 1.5 inches wide. It looks quite grisly. It is still dripping 7 hours after my crash.

Now, for work tommorow, do I say my wife whacked me in the head, I took on a group of Harley Riders, or I got in a fight when some dude asked my wife to dance, or some dude asked me to dance?


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Ouch man, proves you never know how much you need it til you dont use it/have it.

For you, it would be some dude asked you to dance :)

Glad you landed on your head....might have gotten hurt :D



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Sorry to hear about your misfortune. I'm just coming off my second major injury in 6 weeks. These bikes can hurt you if you're not carefull. Hope you heal quickly,


Pick the favorite activity of the most anti-motorcycle person at work and say you were doing that. Do not hesitate to point out that if you were riding your motorcycle you would have had a nice safe helmet, and this never would have happened :)

This must be the day for head impacts. I was riding at Clear Creak and was climbing a technical single track section, tring to keep momemum and staying out of a rut I smacked head into a tree branch I didn't see and broke my helmet. Thank God I was wearing one. I feel your pain.

missed your brain by 6 feet!


Here I gets grotesquely disfigured, open my heart and soul to you guys...and you just don't care!(in fact, you think it's funny!! :))


If I had my head up my arse like normal, I would've only bruised my...back or butt(?)

Don't you guys love me any more? :D


'99 WZ/YR (you choose!) with ALL YZ mods, de-octopused, DSP Doug Henry airbox w/ velocity stack, FMF PowerBomb header, Stroker SX-1 silencer, SS front brake line, OEM YZ tank, IMS YZ seat.

nice job knucklehead.

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Ouch, Kevvie. My buddy broke his C-5 last weekend from a mishap with a tree! Not good at all. His mouthpiece was totally smashed-when I stopped to help him- he was paralized and could not move! Luckily he did get up a few minutes later, but his nexk is still broken!

Well, since you're on TT- I can assume you're at least OK...go with the guy asked you to dance story :)

Take care,


Kev, let me be the first to say you were a @#$%^&* for not wearing a helmet. I like darbsitton's idea. Blame it on something like hiking. You were backpacking in Backpackistan, when some Talibans jumped you...

How is the rock?


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im a bit surprised at you 'jokers'. Would you all still be laughing if Kevin suffered some form of brain damage? From what i have read, you probaly would.

what goes around comes around, so it just might happen to you or one of your friends one day, and if so, feel free to write your own story so the rest of us can get a 'laugh out of it'. Only some of us though.

I know Kev, he already has brain dammage :)


Kevin admitted he did something stupid and he is ok, so of course some ball busting is in order. If you did something stupid but sustained no serious injuries I'd bust your balls too.

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Easy now DOC, nobody is being malicious here. It is all in fun. I would feel awful if Kevin suffered any drain bramage.


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I actually posted this to invite a ball busting!

If I cannot laugh at myself, who can I laugh at.

Just a reminder that no matter how slow I can ride (and how safe I think I am) my head is still 7 feet from the ground!

As for brain damage, that occurred back in 1986, and has just escalated.

MX Tuner, the rock is fine. In fact, my headbutt to the rock did not even budge it. :)


Are you doing the Tri- State turkey run this weekend?

Kev, You should tell everyone that you took on a group of "Hells Angels" in a bar room brawl and dropped them all and ran over their bikes with your blue scoot!!!! :) I say make this situation work in your best interest!!!

Doc, Lighten up Francis, even you can laugh right? When other members get seriously hurt we ALL are concerned and take it very serious. But it is obvious that Kev has invited us to share his unfortunate get off in a humorous way. YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOWN!!!!!

Does someone always have to start something?

quote from bell helmets president:

"If I could stop time, I could sell these helmets for a million dollars a piece!"

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