Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Don't be stupid like me!

That quote says it all.

"I racked my head pretty bad, with the gouges/road rash measuring 3 inches long X 1.5 inches wide. It looks quite grisly. It is still dripping 7 hours after my crash."

Yeah, that is pretty funny. Funny as cancer. And you are right, i should have known.....

Sorry, doc--Many of us know and have rode with Kevin (and he's one of the TT originals)-if he was hurt bad he would have said so...otherwise I would agree, injuries are no laughing matter to anyone...

I'm just glad the rock is OK!

I live to make people laugh, I REALLY do! :)

When I ride. I put every piece of gear has ever been created. I call it my super man gear. Once I put it on I'm pretty much invincible. I usually crash about 5 times every time I go out. I kind of enjoy eating sht. smile.gif

I know how to make sure you all wear your gear everytime. Buy the expensive stuff and you will not only look cool but you will feel justified for having spent the money.

I just bought an Arai helmet, for $400. Not so much because it cost so much but more because it truly was the only helmet that fit me right. Plus I have a street model Arai and really like being able to pull the guts out and clean them in the washer -- always feels like a new helmet after cleaning.

"How much is you head worth right"

To justify it to the wife, I told her... "I bring home the bacon, but if I ride Saturday and can't go to work Monday, then no more bacon."



2001 WR250F

White Brothers E Series Full exhaust

Panoram computer

Tap Bars

jet kit

YZ timing

Grey wire mod

Pro Rally hand guards

YZ plastic

Damn- I've been busy and haven't checked the site recently, I post on and you and Dougie are both hurt. I thought you would have already had too much scar tissue up there to get cut.

I vote for the backpacker story. You were out and a sierra club member went wild. Heal fast and don't do it again.



I was keeping my wounds covered in Vitamin E and Bactitracin (SP?). It is healing up quite surprisingly well!! smile.gif

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