Where to buy jets

hi im lookin to buy a 48 pilot jet for my 450, i was wondering where i could get one on the internet, i know my dealer is gonna charge like 15 bucks for the thing, thanks

Actually I think my dealer charged me about $5 for one of those. The 45 pilot jets are the real killers though. Those cost me $11 each.

$5/jet from Dennis Kirk. PN N424-21-48 for the pilot jet.........99101-357-170 for the main jet

wow great guys, thanks alot

Most dealers deal with WPS, Tucker and Parts Unlimited. All of them have aftermarket jets in there for kehin and mikuni carbs. Your dealer should have a selection of them under the counter or behind the counter. Just ask them for the aftermarket jets.

Sounds stupid but inspect the jet they sell you. I purchased a #45 pilot jet from my local dealer at it was incorrect. The profile of the jet was exact but it was 1/4" shorter. I caught it before assembly so I don't know what problems it might have caused.

There are different styles of jets. So you must know what you need. Like a 42 or 45 series jet. Bring your old ones in so you can match up the style.

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