leg getting caught on shroud

lat weekend i went riding at i tight indoor track i went for a inside tight rut that i made and i stuck my leg out and gripped with the shroud, then i got out of the corner and went to put my leg back on the peg i knee brace was caught on the top corner of my rad shroud. is there any way to fix that or is it some thing i'm going to have to deal with?

man this was a weird feeling

i did it about 4 time total when i was there.

i think it depends on what kind of bike your riding, and it might be the top of your boot. im havin the same problem, and its not getting caught on the shroud like the old yz 2 strokes did, but rather on the compression adjuster for the rear shock. i wear gaerne sg10s and the top of the boot comes a little too high and sometimes gets caught on the clicker adjuster in the air. any fixes? PLEASE HELP! regards to your question, try a heat gun (off the bike) to your shroud fins (the ends that bolt to the tank) and try bending them inward.

i'm riding a 06 yz450f i also wear sg-10's but it's not the boot that catching it's the knee brace, what do thoes knee sleeves do?

do they go over or under the knee brace?

Same thing here (leg stuck on shrowds) I'm wearing the same boots. I read in a mag that some of the test riders had the same problem with the 06 450? I'm going to try and heat up the upper shrowds and turn them inwards? If you come up with anything else let us know and I will do the same.

i'm not messing with my shroud yet that's my last resort!!!

I have the same problem with my 06'. I had a pair of Sidi boots and just recently bought some Tech 10s (great boot by the way). Both boots do it and I guess it is just something we have to live with. It is a pain in the ass though. How is Chad Reed and the rest of the shredders getting by with it?

Having the same problem on mine. I wear the SIDI boots.Though it has never made me loose control,it's not a cool feeling.

On sunday I rode my 426 in it's first enduro. I was squeezing the tank so hard that I folded in the shrouds. It's worse on the right side. Should my plastic really do that or is that aftermarket?(Non OEM)?

Anyone have a resolve for this issue?

Just rode my 07' and my leg gets hung up almost every turn.

I think my boot is and my Web knee brace.

I guess I could try duct tape around top of my boot.

I don't really want to duct tape the holes in my shrouds off...

from what ive read its with the shroud design on the 06-09 yz's? ive done it on my 07 250f but not my 10 450 with the new sroud design. but i remember reading quite a bit of riders having this problem. idk if a solution was ever found tho. im sure if chad and those guys back in the day had the problem on their race bikes yamaha may have designed special shrouds for them. who know tho, mayb the just delt with it?

I never had a problem with my Tech 8's but my Gaerne SG 12's I did. It is the top inner plastic flange at the very top apex of the arch. I used gorilla tape and taped over it into the inside of the boot so it could not connect to any parts on the bike. Much better now.

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