New help here...I think my Wr is sick!!!

This weekned i went for a ride as usual, after some hours of riding when i got back home i noticed that the coolant level was lower than the limite!And last time i check the week before it was allright, betwin the max an min level !

That day i crossed lots of rivers and i fell in a very inclinated sandy hill and the bike was in the ground for 2 or 3 minutes with the expansion vase ,the water recipient side down wheels higher and the tank and seat on the lower side with the tail slitghly down, can this be related?

Can te coolant exit any were in the circuit if the bike falls in a awkward position??

Need help guys...

Sorry about the english I'm doing my best :thumbsup::thumbsup:

It is not what you call a sealed system, so if you fell over some could have leaked out. I wouldnt worry about it, just refill and maybe keep an eye on it for a while. As long as you are not smelling radiator water when riding or have white smoke coming out somewhere your most likly OK.

As long as there is no leaks, it is fine!

The coolant bottle under the rear guard is there to let the coolant expand and flow into. It will go back in to the radiators when it is cool.

If there was an air pocket in the line connecting the radiators or in the water pump, this will take up the coolant.

I would check for coolant leaks, then check that your jetting is fine. Sand riding will make your bike run extremely hot.

I have noticed that the coolant tubes r not totally filled...there r some seccions with no coolant, never seen white smoke!

Is there any way to flush the coolant and completely remove all the air in the circuit?

Just to be sure!

I opened the radiator cap and looked inside , they r totally filled!

Can the coolant be going to the motor?oil?

A coolant system is not closed, therefore it cannot be bled free of air...Auto Shop 101 :thumbsup: ...SC

Sorry i'm very green on engines...:thumbsup:

Ok so i'm getting less preocupated...if the bike is in a strange position on the ground on a steap hill the coolant could have just gone out right?

How can i see if the water pump is working? is ther any way?

If The Water Pump Is Not Working Catastrophic Engine Damage Would Surely Have Already Resulted

To answer your question about the water pump, it is a good habit to get into to pull the cap off right after you start it for the first ride of each day. You should see the water level rise and fall a small ammount when you rev the engine. You will also see the water flowing by the opening, this will verify that your water pump is working and ensure that you don't leave the truck otherwise.

That said, if your water pump was not working you would have had problems already. It seems to be the general consensus( and my personal opinion) that you are fine. Fill it up and keep an eye on it. Hope this helps.


Thanks guys for all your posts...I was seeing my trip to marrocos very distant if I had coolant problems...but no I'm happier! :thumbsup: thanks

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