Hot Start Connector on Carb

I haven't been on TT for a while, but I have a broken connector to the Hot Start on the Carb. You know that crappy plastic part with about three threads that hold the plunger to the carb. :thumbsup: Anyway, do I have to buy the whole Hot Start assembly or do they just sell the connector? Just for info, Duck Tape is the cure for all evil. :thumbsup:

I guess I lost my profile. 04 WR450F W/every Mod done and then some.

pro circuit makes a replacement for the cheesy plastic bit, just installed one on my 2006 wr450

Zip-Ty carries them for about $15 +mystery shipping...SC

Cool I just ordered one. :thumbsup: Now I have even more mods. I do like this bike. It has over 3K on it and it still run great! :thumbsup:

Thanks for the quick response.

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