clutch problem xr 600

I recently purchased a 91 xr 600 r with a barnett clutch in it. I roadd it about 120 miles over a couple of weekends and everything was fine, then last weekend i took it out and raod about 15 miles when I noticed that the cluth was slipping when I would go up hill. My first thought was to check the adjusment and it was very loose so I adjusted it but it didn't change anything. I took the clutch all apart and inspected every disk and the basket and everything was fine, but the last disk i pulled out was very burnt and it was stuck to the basket. I also noticed that they seemed to feel dry but the motor was full of oil. Anyone out there have an idea as to what the problem is or was?

Was the clutch new? They do go bad. I replaced mine a few years ago, and I think it's starting to slip again. Time for another one.

Has anyone tried one of those Tusk brand that Rocky Mountain sells. At $39 ($45 with springs), it's very attractive.

yes the clutch was pretty new I would have to guess but it looks like it only hade about 500 miles on it

I would replace the clutch no matter.

Check the oil you are running. Not too much molly I hope.

Be carefull some oils will make your clutch slip. Get A Motorcycle 4-stroke specific oil to run weather racing or not.

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