Raising Stock Handlebar 06 WR450

I did the adapters and pro taper bars no issues with cable length for me on my 06 .

rocky mountain mc $19.99 up to 35mm rise for stock bars

The best bar risers are here:


They're sturdy, look good and work awesome. They come with stainless bolts too!


I'm 6' 9" and these are the best 1.5" up and 1.5" forward.

All the other risers put the bars up and back in your lap.

My stock cables were long enough!

Plus you can put a Scotts Sub Mount on your stock tripple clamp saving 100s of dollars.

I have photos if you want to see.

Has anyone found the extra 1/2" shorter width of the Pastrana FMX to be an issue?? :thumbsup:

I'm about to install the Pastrana FMX with the adapters as well and I'm glad to hear that no one had any issues with the cable re-routing in this mod. Seems like Kepy had some issues with the Ramirez bars but so far I've heard no re-routing necessary for the FMX combo. Good to hear.

I can't see how the 1/2" shorter width would make a huge difference. It'll make it easier for me to squeeze through some of the single track around here. :thumbsup:


what adapters did u end up using and what model is ur wr?

i wanna put some fmx pastrana's on my 06motard but am unsure which mounts to order

As my signature says I have the 06 same as you but the US/Canadian model not the aussie dual sport model. I just got the universal Moose clamps for oversized bars 1 1/8. I didn't bother getting the triple clamp. We'll see how it works with that setup. I'll post back after I install them and tell you if I had any issues. Off to the garage I go... :thumbsup:


Well, the install went without problems and no cable re-routing issues. Standing on the pegs now, I can actually keep my back straight (I'm 6'2), great improvement over stock. :thumbsup: Going riding this weekend, so that will be the big test.


thanx heaps mark ^^

Going riding this weekend, so that will be the big test.

Let us know how it feels. Enjoy :thumbsup:

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