16 oz. flywheel

hey anybody using the 16oz flywheel from stealthy. I bought the gytr offroad flywheel, but didn't notice a whole lot of difference. Is a 16 oz too much?

I have the 16 oz bolt on from Stealthy.

Now, instead of spinning the rear wheel when I pin it, it just goes.

Get it, bolt 'er on, and continue grinning.

I got mine used for next to nothing and decided I didn't have much risk involved with the purchase price, and yes, I was a slight bit concerned over loosing any of the snap. It dosen't feel like the bike has lost any of the snap though.

If 16 oz on mine is this good, I can't imagine what a lesser weight would do to the tractability or rev snappiness.

Live like Vic Ferrari, go ahead and do it.


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