Deer Vs Street Bike video

If a dead deer in the road will disturb you dont click it.

Bike 1, Bambi 0

Should have looked both ways. Hard to avoid that one.

Looks like the guy never saw it, never made a move to avoid.

Those f*****s seem to come out of no where. At least the rider didn't get hurt to bad.

I ran over a rattle snake at Thunder valley on my dirt bike, does that count?

That's sux, he screwed up his ride because a dumb a** deer had nothing better to do but cross the road at that specific time that guy was passing!

I know the rider/owner of that poor CBR600 - though he may have sold it by now. He was fine. FUnny how far around the internet that vid. has gone!

sux for him and the deer.

my cousin had a similar experiance on his ninja- he also escaped without a scratch but actually cut the deer in half. hit it dead center at 80 mph.

THIS experience really freaked me out: I was following my wife home, sun at my back. shinny new lincon navigator is coming towards me. i see three deer on the left side of the road, getting ready to cross. the lead deer waits until the lincon is RIGHT THERE and then decides to go for it. by this time i'm hard on the brakes... deer makes it accross most of the the lincons lane and gets absolutley SMOKED by the drivers side headlight area. the deer is now flying straight at me at a very high rate of speed. i actually managae to come to a full stop and the deer hit the ground about 30 ft in front of me, slid past me at about 50, down into the ditch, and about 40 feet INTO THE TREES. the lincon didnt even slow down. i watched for brake lights as it went by, nothing. sheesh. i hate deer!

One year, coming back from a wrestling match in high school, we nailed a deer with the bus. Most of us were lying down in our seats and trying to snooze. I was probably the last one up and right as I started to lay down I felt the bus lurch as the driver slammed the brakes.. I look up just in time to see bits and pieces of deer parts. He hit the passenger side head light. We stopped to check the lights and we could smell it, must've opened it up pretty good. When we got back to the school and had some good light to inspect the damage, you could plainly see where the deer's head and shoulders hit the front, where his hips hit the side, and then as it must've spun around we could see where his head and shoulders hit again on the side of the bus behind where it's hips had hit. Gnarly....

I hit a rabbit going around a curve at 120mph YEEEEARS ago on a CBR900RR.

It was like going over a speed bump.

I saw it out of my perify, and knew what happened as soon as it happened. I kept hammering on it.


I hit a rabbit going around a curve at 120mph YEEEEARS ago on a CBR900RR.

It was like going over a speed bump.

I had a similar experience with a squirrel. I had just picked up my first street bike, and leaving the dealership a squirrel ran out in front of me. Being it was my first ride on a street bike, and my new ride at that, I thought Oh Sh$* but it was just like a speed bump.


thats CRAZY

i feel bad for the animals that get hit and for the people, if they are on motorcycles. a cat i had when i was a little younger who i loved, got hit by a car and died so i'm kind of sensitive to the animals who get hit.

are deers deaf, blind, or just stupid. How do they not hear/see cars comming

wow :thumbsup:

You can see the deer got hit squarely on the head! I wonder what would have happened if it was a buck with a ten point set of antlers? :thumbsup:

Seen this happen in person a couple of times while riding. The last one happened when the guy was trying to go around the buck and didn't see the doe behind it....smack....and the bike and dear were totalled, not to mention the guy was soar from flying over the bars.

may I say, he did have a nice bike and a nice camera mounted to the bike........what the **** was that deer's problem.......AHH!


Got my new bike and on my way home when a squirrel decided to fall out of a tree and nailed me right in the chest. Luckily i was only going 30mph. It felt like i was kicked in the chest. I had a bruise for a week.Punkass animals :thumbsup:

YOU BUNCH OF KILLERS, LOL j/k :thumbsup:


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