intake and exhaust valve clearance 04 450

does anybody know the intake and exhaust min and max valve clearance for a 04 450 of the top of your head got to by a feeler gage after work and don't have the manual on hand thanks

I'm not for sure on the clearance.But,I do know that I'd recommend buying a feeler from Snapon.You'll need a special narrow feeler gauge and they offer a Bluepoint feeler for this for about $10.

Intakes: .10-.15mm

Exhausts: .20-25mm

No special feeler gauges are required for use on the 4**cc YZF's as they are on the 250F. There is more room at the center intake on the big bike. If it turns out that yours are too wide, simply narrow the a little with a decent pair of scissors. The cut edge won't be placed under the cam anyway. You will also note that most English gauges are marked with the metric equivalents, and can be used more or less as if they matched perfectly, since the difference is so very small.

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