Edelbrock on my WR

OK so I picked up this Edelbrock Quicksilver on EBay for a really cheap price.

It was like new with all the original stuff.

I installed it in about an hour, Had to order a longer set of cables as I use the forward bar risers. "AJ's"

My question is why don't these bikes come stock with this carb?

This thing is so easy to adjust its silly.

Cold starts are not a problem.

Hot starts are not a problem.

You can adjust the the low end circuit with your fingers.

The bog is gone.

The A/C pump is better and easier to adjust.

The TPS gets unplugged so the bike isn't trying to figure out if I'm accelerating or deceleration when I'm just cruising down the road.

And lastly I dumped it over, almost upside down and it didn't flood. Started on the second kick.

Pretty cool eh?

Im assuming this is on the wr. Does it pop on decel ,any lost or improved power. Or is it just really simple to use and thats why you like it. Ihave never had a prob with my 01's carb. How much is a good deal?

More power for sure.

It was lean on the first ride so I turned the needle up two clicks and the decel popping went away.

The good deal was 175.00 total, after I bought the new cables.

I think my favorite feature is no bog, It just powers on without any hesitation.

Do you have a part number or link?

The part number is 3148 from www.barnumspro.com however I bought this one from a private party.

The regular price is about 400.00

Where did you buy the longer cables?

Where did you buy the longer cables?

The gal at Barnumspro hooked me up with Edelbrocks parts guy and he sent me 2" longer cables. I might have that P/N at home still.

Anyone need a stock length set?

My question is why don't these bikes come stock with this carb?

Ummmmmm Edelbrock isn't Japanese :thumbsup:

I totally agree with bigdrtrdr about the Edelbroack. You sound just like me. I get a laugh about everyone talking about all the different jets they put into that FCR and all I do is bolt on the Edelbrock and maybe turn a knob. Easy starting hot or cold. Should be on there stock.

I had Rob Barnum install an Edelbrock on my 05 WR450 this past summer. Best mod I ever made on this bike. Easy starts, power for days, and NO MORE JETTING!!!

Yamaha doesn't use too many aftermarket companies from the US. Keihin and Mikuni have been the standards over there for carburetors for years, doesn't mean the Edelbrock isn't good enough, just business I guess...

I bought Moondoggers stock carb... I had a freak accident and broke the housing on my carb and was looking for a replacement.. I installed all of my favorite jets into the new carb and all I can say is my bike runs perfectly just like my old carb... Simply rips from bottom to top.. I jetted my fathers new bike the same way, everyone that rides the bike can't believe how great it really is.. My point is regardless of the part you install on your bike it needs to be set up properly by someone, either the owner of the bike or a qualified guy like Rob Barnum.. Some say these bikes take too much work to run properly, that might be true to a person that doesn't know how to install some jets but really it's quite simple and quick.. I invite you guys to check out my jetting specs in the jetting database, copy my specs and find out that the FCR really is a great carburetor..

JD jetting is the same exact way... He's found a way to take all the guess work out of jetting a bike, for a price he sends you jets that will work in your bike and you don't even have to read anything on TT about what jets you need to use. You just replace a needle and some jets and you're done. You could've done the same thing with stock jets and needles to get the same results, but he makes it easier to do..

Moondogger, when I got your carb it still had all the stock jets in it.. No wonder why you were unhappy with the carb. A stock jetted WR in low elevations will run like crap... That stock 45 pilot and stock 65 main might help the bike pass emissions but it's not the jetting that you want to settle with..

I rode Dan's bike :thumbsup: at the 24 hour and he knows wherof he speaks :thumbsup: his bike rips and is jetted clean from top to bottom; pure magic

Hey Dan, I agree with you 100%. I really put the Edelbrock on out of curiosity more than necessity. "To much time on my hands I guess"

I think my point is most dirt bike buyers are not like you and I. I re jetted my WR the day I bought it because it ran like shit.

Most buyers just ride a bike the way its delivered, Hell I have replaced many WR throttle stops and the owner didn't even know they only got about Half throttle!

Using an FCR with all its circuits and electronics... is kinda like using a super computer to figure out 2+2.

I'm going to keep the FCR and do the BK mod and see if I can get it to work better than the Edelbrock.

The Edelbrock still gets the no brainer award its just so simple.

Motor on!


Yeah, Dan, I'm just lazy :thumbsup: . I didn't want to bother with jets.

I'm glad the carb is working out well for you.


I posted a couple of weeks ago about putting an Edelbrock (an older non-pumper that I have used on XR600s) on my '00 WR400. Just got back from riding in the Ocala National Forest last week, the FCR will continue to languish in a cardboard box until I sell this bike. The bike starts easier, cold or hot, runs better everywhere and NO JETTING! Well, almost. I did put in a 20E needle to replace the 19E, couldn't get it quite rich enough with the 19E.

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