im pretty sure that my clutch is going out on my 01yz426 and i looked on a yamaha site that has all the factory parts and i noticed there are many things that go in the clutch and operate with the clutch, i was wondering what do i have to get to replace my clutch, is it the clutch plates, the boss clutch, friction plates, or gears or something, because i dont think im supposed to replace everything.

If by "going out" you mean sliping you it just the plates and springs. This comes as a sinlge item from any online parts store.

For the rest consult the manual that came with the bike.

replace plates with Yamaha oem, they last longer.

replace plates with Yamaha oem, they last longer.

and they dont grab or slip. :thumbsup: just smooth!

when i get my new plates and springs and install them, am i going to have to adjust my cable again, if so when i put the bike up on the stand and turn it on and the wheel moves with the clutch pulled in, how much should i adjust it. should i go to the point where the wheel doesnt move any more or is it always going to move. because i dont want to wear the clutch out again to fast and not know it. thanks

hey thanks for the help, im about to buy a kit, but have one last question, should i buy the normal EBC heavy duty plates and spring set, or shall i spend the extra 20-30 dollars and buy the "race heavy duty EP kevlar series", does it matter or is it totally worth it? thanks man

I replace my clutch with the EBC heavy duty plates and spring set and it held up for three years. No problems

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