Drive Chain

I need a new drive chain for 1985 XL600r, (that I finally got running today), is one just as good as another? What do yall suggest?



IMO, the DID ERV3 is the best chain money can buy. Maybe overkill on on 85' XL600R though (??).

Whatever you get, I'd strongly suggest an O/X-ring type chain. RockyMountainATV carries the PrimaryDrive brand. They are very inexpensive. I bought the top-of-the line PD X-ring for my CR250. I think it was less than $60. It appears to be a fine chain but I've not run it long enough to report on it's durability. I'm expecting it to be an excellent value.

I put a Parts Unlimited: 520 o-ring on my L, it looks good and strong, still waiting to see how long its gonna last. so far, after 1K very hard miles, there is almost no wear to the sprockets (JT) so we shall see. It was like 45 for the chain, 15 for the front sproket, and 30 for the rear.

Find a chain with a high tensile strength. Above 7500lbs would be good. O-ring and X-ring is optional but worth the money. Replace your sprockets and chain together, as the chain wears and stretches it changes pitch and elongates the valleys. A cheap chain on a high torque bike will wear fast and take out your new sprockets. I replaced mine with a DID 520VM Gold X-Ring Chain with a 8120 lbs. tensile strength and sprockets from Sprocket Specialists. I was patient and a bit lucky to find my stuff on E-bay for a good price. RK also makes a high tensile chain and I'm sure there are many others.

Steel rear sprocket. has chain and sprocket kits for about $60-$65. I got the low end o-ring chain kit. I don't really like the chain. Get the next better chain. X-ring I think. Best deal going.

Get X-ring........I have DID Gold VM. Use a rivot master link......more money to install it but the clip type is not as reliable, and if this "part" (the chain), fails it may have serious consequences for the engine or worse you. Get new steel sprockets...opportunity to change the gearing too. New sprockets may have some "rough" spots moto grind them smooth. My 2cents.

If you do use a clip, you won't need a special tool to "set" it (cheaper) , install closed end in direction of travel and use some sealant on clip contact points. Watch it all the time (when you're not driving of course, wouldn't want to get dissier).

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