Is the 2006 YZ Green Stickered?

I'm pretty sure the new 2006 YZ 450 is a RED sticker only bike, but is there a way to make it a GREEN sticker easily? I doubt it, but thought I'd ask.

So RED means you can't ride the desert from what months? (i.e. Octillo wells, etc?). I guess it's ok in the Winter season? Sorry, I've been on a Green sticker bike so the RED is new to me.


It's red stickered, there is no way to "convert" it to a green sticker. The Calif DMV goes by VIN whether it gets a green or a red and you can't change that (legally)...

The red/green restrictions vary by locale, but most of the desert is open to reds for something on the order of October through the end of May.

I say "F* 'em!"

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