2001 WR 426 Kickstand

I recently purchased an '01 WR426. The previous owner removed and lost the kickstand. I purchased a used '03 kickstand on ebay as they have the same part #'s. What I can't figure out is where it bolts on!!. Does anyone have a close-up photo of a stock kickstand mounted on a 426????

I had an 01 WR 426 too and I did not like the stock stand. I eventually bought Pro Moto Billets "Kickit stand" and loved it. It is all aluminum and only weighs 750g. It has a high power spring internally and looks great. It just cost $160. A lot of money for a kick stand, but I was sad to see it go when I bought my 06 and sold the 426. I would have kept it, but they have changed so much now. Look into it, they're cool.


Thanks Guys. The mounting bracket looks different on your 400. Those of you w/426's. Is the mounting bracket supposed to go from the subframe bolt to the chainroller bolt?? The bracket for the '03 wont reach. Any more pic's???

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