Blade Man, Are You Out There?

I Was Just Wondering If You Read My Reply Or Got My Personal Message About The Xr650r?

Yes I am out here !

Sorry, I did get the message.

I was going to E-mail you this morning but ran out of time.

My email address is

Been wanting to get ahold of you so you can help me out with some info on the 650r. I haven't bought anything yet I need to check a few thing out first.

I just want to make sure I dont buy someones nightmare ya know!

I just sent you an e-mail........ :thumbsup:

I lied. Didnt see you PM. I will email you.

check your e-mail and drop me a line.....

I feel left out.

sorry, it's an AZ thing.

Hey I live in Arizona with a 2000 XR650R. I also feel left out :thumbsup:


Maybe we can get together and knock our bars around together some day.

Should set up something here in AZ on some routs if anyone is interested? Fun or fast your choice? Maybe both?

let me know. We should work on something like that.

Sounds like fun. You ever ride out at MM 11.5 ?

Sounds like fun. You ever ride out at MM 11.5 ?

11.5 ??? Road # ???

WOW Man are you missing some fun. People who know 11.5 that's all they have to say. They are some very nice single tracks outside of Phoenix off of highway 74 by Lake Pleasant. Do you know about Awesome site for us Arizona boy's. They talk about a lot of the trails in Arizona to ride. And a lot of the guy's post rides, so they aren't rideing by them selves. :thumbsup:

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