Noise after Fork Oil Change

I changed my fork oil for the first time after waiting *way* too long and didn't find any crud in the oil at all. I did find rust on the metal piece that goes between the spring and the cap despite the part being covered in oil. Maybe this happened over the winter. It wasn't clear by any means but still had a greenish colour to it. After reading all the posts about how complicated it would be I found it quite easy to get a normal open ended wrench to hold the 17mm nut between the top spring and the cap after compressing the spring. I flushed the old oil out with some new oil prior to filling. I didn't use anything sophisticated to set the oil height, just a straw with tape on it at 135 mm. Put it in the oil, put my finger over the tip, pulled out straw w/oil, removed finger, let oil run out. Yes I had to do this perhaps 20 times but it worked. With thanksgiving coming up I didn't dare steal my wife's turkey baster. Just when I was thinking this is quite easy after all as I was putting the caps on I compressed each fork and noticed a mid-travel noise that sounded almost like the spring contacting with the side of the upper tube or something elso inside. Took it apart again to check, nothing amiss. Anyone have any ideas.?

Did you thoroughly pump the cartridge prior to setting the oil height?

You can tell priming by the stroke of the cartridge. It will be resistant the entire stroke. If there is any rapid movement during the stroke while priming, the cartridge is not full.


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Yes the cartridge was fully primed. The noise was then I compressed the fork while off the bike and sounded related to the spring or like the spring touching something. spring. Now that the bikes back together I don't hear the noise anymore.

You might jump over to the suspension forum on DRN (not to take anything away from this site), you don't want to take any chances with your forks or your saftey.

The DRN guys don't know anything we don't. Some of us choose *not* to do it for a living.

You didn't do much except dilute the old fork oil. And you didn't even dilute the worst part. All the contaminants collect aroudn the compression valving as the bike sits still. It all settles at the lowest point. And by not removing the cartridge, you left about 30-40% of the oil in the fork. The only way to PROPERLY service forks are to pull the guts out and rinse off all teh internals.


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