2000 XR 600 Intake manifold different than a 91 XR 600 Manifold ??

There is a guy selling a 2000 XR 600 and he says that the honda shop he bought it from put on a 1991 intake manifold and bored it out because the 2000 XR 600 intake manifold was in some way restricted. If they bored it couldn't they have just done the same thing to the 99 intake manifold?They also jetted, opened up the air box and dynoed the bike since they put on an after market pipe as well. This is a CA model XR 600. I thought all the XR 600's engines were exactly the same from like 96 up?? Did CARB require the CA model XR 600's to have some kind of smaller intake manifold?



OK I went and looked. You can too. Go to http://www.servicehonda.com/test/

You can lookup all the parts for your bike. If you look at the 93-2000 years you will see that another part number was used starting in 1998

Old part 16211-MN1-671

New part 16211-MAG-L00

Different numbers doesn't always mean it's actually different physically, but it might be. They have notes there, but they are just code numbers. Perhaps one of those codes is "use this part on a CARB bike." I don't know.

Hey thanks I should have done that my self but I figured one of the XR masters would know the answer. The honda shop that did it is real reputable and has a dyno in there shop so I fugured they knew what they were doing I just never heard of that being done before.

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