Scott's Stainless Steel Micronic Oil Filter

Sooo, has anybody used them in there WR ?

Got one in mine and it works just fine.

I dont have a scotts oil filter but I have a stainless steel oil filter and it works great. No problem at all. I got the ready racing one with the cover and it is great. Way cheaper than paper filters.

No problems with my 2002 as of yet.

yep, only way to go. Change my oil as often as I want, its cheap now.

yep, only way to go. Change my oil as often as I want, its cheap now.

I just bought two. One for my Wr and one for my sons YZF. Have only heard good things about them.

I have had a Scott stainless filter for years, my first one was in a 98 Honda XR400. No troubles with them just saving money by using them.

... CRT PERFORMANCE Furious-Flow-Filter do this same good job and is a way cheaper then SCOTT's.

Yes, I've had one since the first oil change. You can also buy 'em from K&P who are the manufacturer of all the Scott's filters.

How much are they and where is the best place to get them.

did you use any specific one for the wr450?? it was bike specific for my r6 only reason i ask.


If you check the Scott's website or the K & P website they will have the application info for the filter on your WR.

whats the k&p webpage?? and there isnt one on the scotts, i checked.


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