Thunder Alley Exhaust

Anyone have any experience with this pipe?

I am currently considering the WB E-series, PC T-4, XR's Only, and the Thunder Alley. I want an all around power increase. I dont want to lose power ANYWHERE at least not enough to notice. I spend a lot of time in mid range. I love low end snap but also like to be able to pull effortless wheelies on topend. Which pipe do you think would work best for me?

If it's power you want from what i read it's the E series.

If it's weight loss it's and some mid to top from what i read the PC T4.

If it's bling you want and some grunt it's the Moriwanki thingy.

Don't know about the thunder thing though,any takers.

You guys correct me if need be .

Love my T-4 :thumbsup:

I heard WB used to make a header pipe to go with the E-series pro-meg. Is that recommended if I can find one or is the stocker the best?

Also was it the S-bend or the Pro meg that won the DB magazine shootout?

I run a thunder alley on my KTM and it does make an improvement from the mid to top end with no real change on the bottom end. the pipe is also lighter then stock (at least on the KTM) and is hand made by a guy who started his business by building pipes for flat trackers. It has a distinct sound to it and is fairly loud w/o a spark arrester so you will probably be limited to the street. for comparison, I ran a T4 and it was light as well, but the TA seemed to perform just slightly better and was not as loud. one advantage of the T4 is you can make slight tuning changes by changing out the end caps. my next pipe will be a TA however.

I'm happy with my XRs only full system. What ever I lost on the bottom end wasn't much and I do like the way it was built.

"effortless wheelies on top-end" ... ??? ... rent must be cheap in your dream world ... :thumbsup:

Oops, my bad I forgot to type "No smart-ass, useless comments. Only useful information allowed." in the fine print.

Maybe I took what you said the wrong way, but I dont see any other meaning to your reply. My post is serious and I would like serious answers. Up until now they have been. I realize that the 650 wont pull wheelies in 4th or 5th on top end. I dont know too many bikes that will other than my cr500. I simply said it so people would get an idea of the type of power I want.

"effortless wheelies on top-end" ... ??? ... rent must be cheap in your dream world ... :thumbsup:

Just had BOB over at THUNDER ALLEY, build me a pipe for my quad which has a built xr650l motor in it. I had a White Bros. E series on it before and it ran OK. BUT, WOW , what a difference, after the thunder alley!! Throttle response is soooo much better on the bottom and mid , with a decent gain on top as well. Stabs at the throttle bring instant sky. Midrange is so strong its scary :thumbsup: If wheelies are your game , I'd give it a double thumbs -up. Slightly louder though,to me its not obnoxious till it's wicked wide open.

That was my experience also with my CRF 450. I think Bob has improved the build quality quite a bit- they were sorta cobby (read hand-built)-looking before, and the last few I've seen look more "factory". I've never heard anyone who had a Thunder Alley say they're sorry they got one or wished they would've gotten something else. And the customer service there is outstanding. Can't say enough good things about 'em.

I'm running a FMF Power Bomb header & E-series Pro-Meg on my 680 right now. It works great, & I like the Super-Trapp tuneability & spark arrestor, but if I had it to do all over again I'd get a Thunder Alley.

Thank god I heard these last two replys. I was just loggin on to buy an E-series Pro meg. I never gave the TA a shot on my 450 but I think Im going to order one for my 650. I may also buy the E-series and the PC t4 just to compare and have backups. I may try the Moriwaki too. Its getting hard to find places to buy these pipes im finding out. I looked for the Moriwaki last night. Couldnt find anyone who had any in stock.

Thanks for the info guys. Keep it comin. :thumbsup:

Rode my 650L hybrid quad with the new thunder alley on it,again yesterday. WOO-HOO!!! again ,can't say enough. Super improvement over the E series silencer. Unbelievable ,that a mid pipe,and silencer can make that much difference. Hat's off to BOB :thumbsup:

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