Bike feels weird

I have had my new BRP for a week,done one single trail about 30 mins,and about 600klms on road(350miles?)as is it regoed (in Australia).Changed nothing no new bits just preloaded the front end and took some junk from it.

Haven't ridden the cr500 for a few weeks,put a heavier flywheel weight on the the bike (500)went out the front as i live in the bush to do a few passes,and you know what,the 500 felt downright WEIRD.WEIRD WEIRD.Not the flywheel i knew what was going to happen with that it was the ergo's.

This is a bike i've had from new that I used to ride as much i could 3 or 4 times a week,has all the shit on it,bars ,grips modded seat and stuff to fit like a glove and now it feels foreign,sorta like KTM's did in the 80's,I know this will pass i just get the BRP a bit more now or if you know what i mean it's a HONDA thing,strange tales but true.

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