93 XR 600 Jetting in So Cal

I recently purchased a 93 XR 600 and was wondering what you all were running for jetting? I have not ridden the bike and am currently going through it so I thought I might change the jetting (if necessary) since I have it all apart. Right now there is a 155 main and a 62 pilot in the bike. I am not sure of the needle setting and wanted to also know how to remove the needle from the slide, or better yet, how to remove the slide from the carb.

Take off the cover at the top of the carb to get the slide out. Stock is middle position. The jets depend on how your bike is setup. I think that even with the stock exhaust a fatter pilot helps. I have one of those turned down inserts in the stock pipe and I have removed the backfire screen. I'm not sure that I remember what I have, but I think I have a 68 pilot and 158 or the next size larger main. I also set the needle clip to one richer than stock. My bike, also a 93 XR600, is running a tad rich now and I plan on putting the needle back in the stock slot. I'd say my bike is optimally set for about seal level. I really notice it being too rich at about 8000 feet. I almost always ride between 2500 and 8000 feet.


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