Kickstand spring

Ok call me an idiot.....Now that that is done, How do you get the spring on the stock kickstand?

I tried it with it installed and off the mount.

try using a large phillips head screw driver. hook the spring on the stand, then lever the spring over the mount and the spring 'should ' slide down off the end of the screwdriver onto the mount. may take a couple of goes.

try to start with the spring as close to the end of the screwdriver so you get more leverage.

good luck

Use a brake spring installing tool.

I tried the screwdriver but there is alot of tension there. I guess I'll try with more elbow grease, just don't want that thing popping off in my face.

I don't have a brake tool but I may go get one.

Thanks for the feedback.

I use vice grips clamped onto the end of the hook of the spring and then I pull and stretch the spring to hook onto the kick stand tang. :thumbsup:

Turn your head, and it won't hit you in the face.....


wear safety goggles, gloves and even stick your helmet on.

but start with the spring as close to the end of the screwdriver as you can. you can push with your gloved fingers to make it close to the end.

this will mean less effort as your leverage power should be enhanced due to the proximity of the fulcrum. got that?

good luck

That is how this got started the kick stand tang broke off and I welded a new one on. Funny visual with the helmet on working in the garage.

I'll try vise grips and the screwdriver again and initiate some fulcrum.

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