Air filter sealing tips...

I have tried 3 different filters on my R, and ALL of them have let some sort of grit in at one time or another. I went to go clean my filter tonight, and same as always, there was a real fine dust on the inside of the airbox.

This wouldn't be a big issue, but I have to clean out my carb more then I should because I keep sucking fine dust into the airbox.

What does everyone out there use to seal off their filters? Anyone else get fine dust in their airbox?

grease where filter meets airbox plastic and a good filter oil.

But you probably knew that!!??

I use grease....and don't be worried about getting too much on it...I cram the "Slot" full little messy but it seals good

Yeah, I knew about the sealing of the filter, but that doesn't make any difference, I still get fine dust in there. The oil on the filter dries out after a while, and doesn't help much.

This has been a constant issue for me, for some reason. It seems like none of the filter I have had have made a good seal around the plastic. I'll try gooping the crap out of the edges, but I don't know if that will help.

Has anyone made a custom intake? I was thinking about getting some exhaust tubing, and getting a boot to meet the tubing to the carb, and adding a cone filter, something that WILL seal up. Any other ideas?

Some say the PC Racing seal works well. :thumbsup:

What type or brand of air filters are you using..??.. :thumbsup:

you say the oil is drying out....what type of oil are you using. Try a good foam filter oil.

I have two UNI's one installed, the other cleaned and drenched in filter oil, hung to loose excess oil. I use a "line" of grease to seal and first ease it over the intake, then clamp. Maybe check other sources of air intake, cracks, loose clamps just a thought. The fine "dust" doesn't sound good to me although It did happen to me once but I traced it too a gap in the filter seal.

I can tell you a buddy of mine had a similar problem and went to a two stage, "can" type racing filter to solve it. He said there are so many places unfiltered air can sneak it he just attached the can directly to the carb.....simple, few sources for problems. Actually I was thinking of doing the same thing but wondered if it qualifies for Federal land access (spark arresting, noise etc)

I was thinking of doing the same thing; the can thing. Like you said, less stuff to go wrong, and it seems like it would work better. For the can thing, I was thinking of taking some pre-bent exhaust tubing, and get a boot to attach it to the carb, and feed the tubing into the airbox w/ the cone filter inside the airbox. If I decide to do it, I'll take some pics.

As for my filter(s), I tried the stocker, but that limited my airflow, so then I got a UNI, and that fit like CRAP. I mean, the backfire screen did not fit tight, and the foam filter had gaps all around the edges. After that, I got a white bros powerfilter when I got my R4 pipe, and that fit A LOT better, but has still let small amounts of dust in.

Sounds like your not oiling your filter enough (I've found Bel-Ray filter oil to be the most tenatious--it's really hard to get off my hands). I was oiling my filter once and I ran out of filter oil. I figured I got enough in the filter before I ran out to be effective. Wrong. That was the only time I found that super fine dusting in my airbox.

I swap back and forth between the stock filter and a UNI. I don't use the UNI backfire screen.

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