Oil question?

After changing my oil for the second time, when I fired my bike up I noticed a funny noise. After pulling the clutch in, it stopped. Of course when I released the lever, it starting making the noise again. It just sounded loud. I had put in 10W 40 oil instead of 20W 40 oil. Would that make that much of a difference? I just finished draining the oil and changing the filter and I will pick up some new oil tomorrow. Any suggestions on what oil you guys are running? Or could my clutch be going bad already with about 10 hours on my bike?

My 03 450 always had a growl to it when the clutch was out and it went away when you pulled in the clutch but it never got any worse but became more noticeable when I added a larger skidplate. My 06 has a similar growl and it only has 2 hours on it. It was doing it the first time I fired it up and my buddy's 06 450 does the same thing. I think it's the nature of the beast. Something else to consider, have you put a skidplate on it? They seem to direct more of the engine noise upward towards the rider. Have you compared to another bike?

I did just put a skid plate on it at the same time. That would be weird for it to make that much noise with the skid plate. I wonder if anyone else is having the same problem?

My 03 450 always had a growl to it when the clutch was out and it went away when you pulled in the clutch but it never got any worse but became more noticeable when I added a larger skidplate. ?

Mine makes a growl noise too first off on a ride but goes away when things get warm. I've pulled the whole thing apart and inspected it and it appears to be in good working order. :thumbsup:

I use Bel-Ray Thumper oil 20/50 and have a skidplate also. The clutch seems to work fine.

Stick to what your manual says as for the oil to run in your bike, you won't be sorry. As for the noise, it is the nature of the beast as others have stated, and yes your new skid plate is probably the reason you can now hear the nosie that always exsisted. I think every time you hit the dirt with your new bike you will hear noises you couldn't hear before.

Everyone is having the same "problem", because it isn't a problem at all. It's just the normal gear rattle in neutral with the clutch out. It's a result of the fact that the engine does not really run at one single speed at an idle. It speeds up when it fires, and slows abruptly against compression. This torsional speed change is transmitted through the clutch to the transmission, where it rattles the gears set around audibly.

You did two things to increase the audibility of this noise, neither of which needs to be undone, because you still don't have a problem. First, you went to an oil that is lighter at low temperatures than your old one was. If it was a cheap, flaky oil, don't use it. If it was a good one, keep it. A 10w-40 will give you better startup protection than a 20w-40.

The other thing was that you stuck a big aluminum reflector bowl under the engine to send more of the sound the engine makes back to your ears. Still not a problem.

Check out a couple of others. They all do this.

Gray, when you say "cheap" are you reffering to price point?

And what is "flaky" oil?

Exxon/Mobil 10w-40 can be had for ~1-3$ a qt. which is just about as cheap as they come, and it will perform up there with the best of the boutique oils.

I appreciate the advice. I do think the skid plate is the reason that now I am hearing the noise. Since it's nothing to be worried about, I just wanna ride.

I use yamalube 4r 10w-50, any comments?

Like gray said.

Guess you guys haven't heard an older KTM thumper rattle....

Whatever oil you use, change it often.

05 YZ450F

i have that noise when I pull in the clutch.

it happen after i changed the oil to mobile 1, special for 4 stroke motors at 7 bucks a quart.

any suggestions?

That's either MX4T, or V-Twin, either of which are among the best oils you could choose. It's not your oil.

If you have a noise that appears when you pull the clutch IN, rather than when you let it out, as was being discussed, you might have a bad release bearing, or a problem with the cushion unit in the basket, or the nut retaining the clutch boss may be loose.

thanks for your help i'll check into it.

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