2000 WR400

I am looking for a new bike. I ran across a 2000 WR400 that is brand new just out of the crate.

I plan on a mix of MX and trials. With some of the mods could I use this bike for both? I don't plan on racing just riding for fun.

What mods would you guys suggest?

What would be a good price?

Thanks for the advice.

The '00 WR is a great combo MX/trails bike! For a new one still in the crate, perhaps around $4900 (close to cost) should be fair. Try for $4500 w/o prep/shipping.

Mods? Hehe that's why this forum is here!

The first thing is greasing all the bearings (yes ALL of them!). The tires will probably stink for Florida sand. After that, new bars, jetting, the basic YZ mods (timing, t-stop, grey wire, BK, etc).

The YZ style seat/tank may be high on the priority list. My suggestion is build your own seat w/ Guts soft foam, tall heigh if you're over 6'0". It's the softest stuff out there, IMHO. A stock YZ seat is brick-hard.


I picked up a 00 WR400 about six months ago for $4500 and was looking to have a play/sometimes race bike. I have added a Baja Kit to make it street legal for the odd occation when I need to stop in town for gas or other conveniences. It is the perfect combination bike. I used to race offroad heavily and wanted a bike which performed offroad while still offering trail riding to take my kids/wife along.

All the mods, free ones, are worth taking the time to do, but depending on your requirements for performance are not required. You can play ride the bike as is, the mods just make the grin bigger.

Also, the help offered here on TT will get you through the unknowns if you decide to take on more advances improvements.

My 0.02 worth.

I Race my 99 WR400F MX, Hare scrambles, Enduro and rip up the woods with my bud's. I have never had a better all around bike like the WR. I can ride the MX Track and switch from number plate to headlight in 15 minutes and night ride the woods if I want too.

Not a bad choice....enjoy

Bonzai :)

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