03 450 set up

A buddy of mine bought a new left over 03 YZ 450 about a month ago. What is the best setup on this bike .I.E. sag, fork settings, shock settings, tires and so forth.

Your buddy bought a beast of a bike - many options many fixes -

He will need: To start

better handlebars

Flywheel weight - a must on this bike 5oz GYTR or heavier

any other tire than a 739

Storm link to get it to turn correctly sag set at 105mm

A complete revalve of the fork and shock w/ correct springs for his weight and ability - if he is a fast rider

Stock settings are ok until the suspension breaks in 98-100mm sag

Have him do a search on 03 YZF450 - tons and tons of info - :thumbsup:

"been there done that"

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