Thunder Alley Pipe on '06 YZ450

I put in a good weekend or racing and riding with my new Thunder Alley Pipe installed on my '06 450. I have to say that I am very happy with my purchase. I didn't expect anything less, because I have been happy with these pipes in the past.

Just as I hoped, it added a blast to the lowend. I think the '06 is a little soft down low with the stock pipe. The bike now has a ton of smooth power from crack of the throttle to the top. To me, this makes the bike easier to ride. More power down low = less downshifting in a corner.

Best of all, my exhaust does not reach to the end of the fender now. At 250 bucks, this pipe is a real bargain in a world of 600 dollar plus exhaust systems.

I agree. I had a thunder alley on one of my 426's and loved it. very nice throaty sound too. Very good pipe at an even better price.

can you post some pics. of the pipe on the bike

thanks mike ..

Do you happen to know how many dB that pipe is? :thumbsup:

I do.......LOUD!!!!!!!!! :thumbsup:

Did you get the slip-on?

Yes, it is the slip on. I don't have any pics of it yet. It does look nice. I will try to take some.

I ended up getting a DMC pipe for mine it will be here this week, although I am not "supposed" to ride till July because of My ACL replacement.

I agree that the 06 is softer than my 05 for sure, I had the head and carb done on that bike and the TPS sensor disconnected, it ripped but the 4 speed required more bottom end than the 5 speed seemed to.

The longer head pipe of my 04 Carbon pro that was on the 05 helped the low end response, I ended up with a shorter head pipe on it which helped over rev a bit but gave a way some bottom, but it had some to give.

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