more tic tic boom pics

man that is nasty. good luck and definitely keep us posted on what you find out and of course include pics of the disaster.

Holy cow. That is obscene.

Dude, I can look at autopsy photos all day without flinching, but those pics made my knees weak and my stomach queasy. :thumbsup:

&%$#@! can you tell us what happened what noises did it make were you low on oil? did you have a cooling problem? did you lose power before it happened? we all want to know.

Nope no loss of power, oil was just changed, coolant was topped right up. And the noise sounded like tic tic snap and then it was real quiet except for the metal falling into my skid plate and all the bikes I passed doing back by me. accompanied with silence. And now signs of the cash register ringing. I'll keep you posted.

I want to know how much it is going to cost. you might wana get a whole new motor


it looks like you snapped a rod. Luckily, no parts flew in any direction that would have hurt you.

I cannot imagine anything that you could have done, not even riding with no oil, that would have caused this.

Thanks for the pics. Its educational for all of us.

looks like rod to me I'll keep yall posted


that picture is almost identical to what my case looked like when my 426 grenaded last fall. the inside is just as ugly. the rod broke in the same place too. also took out the crank, a couple shift forks, the skirt on the cylinder, the cylinder and a couple valvesand a few other things. everything adds up to alot of money. I feel your pain!


new desktop pic. thx

Looks like it just about cut the motor in HALF -

Are you sure it just went : "TIK TIK"

I guess if you were WFO in top you aint gonna hear much!

Nice one...

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