What is the 2000 426 clutch fix.

I've read through some posts and cannot really find any detailed information on this. Any help would be great.

If the basket and clutch boss are in good condition, what you basically do is rebuild the clutch with OEM parts for an '01 or '02 in place of the parts for the '00. Be sure to add the "boss spring", PN 5JG-16383-00-00, to smooth out the engagement some, and use a full set of new springs. If the clutch boss has no holes drilled along its spline grooves to help spread the oil around, they should be added (12-15 of them).

Thanks for the reply. You wouldn't happen to knoe all the part numbers that should be replaced? If not, cool - you got me going in the right direction.


A good idea for the 00... it makes the clutch a lot smoother.

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